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Personality Identity Estimator

Directions: Select one phrase that you feel most applies to you from each pair of phrases for each numbered item. Put a check mark in the box for the phrase you select. Select only ONE option; click on a checked box to uncheck that box.

  1.   I am almost always sociable
      I am usually restrained
  2.   I am inclined to talk a great deal
      I am usually quiet
  3.   I can usually talk freely with others
      I tend to talk mostly in intimate situations
  4.   I want to be viewed as very down-to-earth
      I want to be viewed as very resourceful
  5.   The word “actual” often appeals to me
      The word “theoretical” usually appeals to me
  6.   I prefer to be with practical people
      I generally get along best with creative people
  7.   Reasoning moderately appeals to me
      Being responsive to others strongly appeals to me
  8.   Analyzing things moderately appeals to me
      Being compassionate strongly appeals to me
  9.   Sound judgment is more important than enthusiasm
      Enthusiasm is much more important than sound judgment
  10.   Planning is extremely appealing to me
      I like to improvise
  11.   I tend to plan the timing and activities for a trip
      When going someplace, I prefer to be flexible
  12.   I almost always like to plan things
      Following a schedule usually restricts me


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