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Assessing The Learning Strategies of AdultS

Directions: The following statements relate to learning in real-life situations in which you control the learning situation. These are situations that are not in a formal school. Instead, these are situations like learning things related to a project at home or a project at work. For each statement, select the one answer that best fits you. Once you have made a selection, do not go back and change a previous answer.

1. When considering a new learning activity such as learning a new craft, hobby, or skill for use in my personal life,
I like to identify the best possible resources such as manuals, books, modern information sources, or experts for the learning project.
I usually will not begin the learning activity until I am convinced that I will enjoy it enough to successfully finish it.

2. It is important for me to:
Focus on the end result and then set up a plan with such things as schedules and deadlines for learning it.
Think of a variety of ways of learning the material.

3. I like to:
Involve other people who know about the topic in my learning activity.
Structure the information to be learned to help remind me that I can successfully complete the learning activity.

4. I like to:
Set up a plan for the best way to proceed with a specific learning task.
Check out the resources that I am going to use to make sure that they are the best ones for the learning task.

5. I like to:
Involve other people who know about the topic in my learning activity.
Determine the best way to proceed with a learning task by evaluating the results that I have already obtained.


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