Resource Materials for the
Principles of Adult Learning Scale (PALS)

The following PDF files have been loaded onto to facilitate researchers and practitioners using the Principles of Adult Learning Scale (PALS). You may download them and use them as you see fit.---Gary J. Conti


Adult_Literacy_Article_on_PALS_rotated.pdf--Article on the development of PALS with full information on its validity and reliability.

Answer_Sheet_for_PALS.pdf--Sample answer sheet for use with PALS.

Articles_with_PALS_Abstract_only.pdf--Abstracts of some articles that reference PALS.

Byrd_Dissertation.pdf--See pages 90-99 for summary that categorizes PALS research over the years.

Factor_Scores_Worksheet.pdf--Worksheet with items for each factor of PALS.

Foster_Dissertation.pdf--Example of an excellent dissertation using PALS with example of how to write PALS findings. Author: Vickie Foster.

Foster_Example_of_Describing_Profile.pdf--Section of Vickie Foster's dissertation providing example of how to write PALS findings.

Identify_Your_Teaching_Style_3rd_Edition.pdf--Book chapter with permission to use PALS stated on page 91.

OK_to_Use.pdf--Page 91 of book chapter granting permission to use PALS.

PALS.pdf--Copy of Principles of Adult Learning Scale (PALS)

PALS_Dissertations_abstracts.pdf--Abstracts of several dissertations that used PALS.

PALS_Table_Format.htm--PALS formatted in FrontPage for use on internet.

PALS_Trainees.pdf--PALS modified for training setting by substituting "trainer" and "trainee" for "I" and "students". [Note: If you use this version in research, be sure to run a Cronbach's Alpha on your data so that you can report that the word modifications did not alter the internal stability of PALS in your study.]

PALS-Articles_Packet.pdf--Large file with many hard-to-obtain articles and papers related to PALS.

SPSS_Scoring_Program_for_PALS.pdf--SPSS program for scoring and coding PALS and its factors.